Wednesday, January 9, 2013

summer 2012

At the Rock shop  cleaning the feet of  Pork chop

stand start to First contact after the F.A. 5/20/12

working out the crux of this nice line.I did every move but it got hot quick, so next trip

Ten sleep rest day. That's right find really good bouldering

starts on the ledge at the bottom of the picture "cow camp" v3

another unfinished line. just down the hill hidden from view is the line of the area.
Falcons lair. A real good problem up hill from the lander boulder

A few small hand moves then a big one

match and big bump "The office" v5

Sunday, October 23, 2011

pics = new, old, work, play, shitty & ok

wow. would you look at that.

ok so what its mine.

not good

death to the Hudson

red neck + 308 = Art

maybe just colorful junk

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011


This shirt can do it all, that's right bitches AK-47!

This week has been a bit of a fucker, the weather has been good but really windy. I'm probably just a wuss but when its windy I have a hard time wanting to try hard.  I'm down to only a week and a half to finish my project list for AZ. The list consists of 5 problems from V9 toV11. The first problem I'll tell you about is one I'm not sure why its on my list ? It is call Green mile direct V9/10 sandy, holds have broke and more will, i guess its on the list because it almost went down the first day i tried it. Then there is "The beast from the east" V9/10 it is 70* in flagstaff and even hotter in Sadona and yep its in Sadona ill have to get up early or stay up late to get this one. The problem I'm most excited about is called "Dian's bulge V10" it starts under a roof then climbs out a 30* wall. the first 6 moves are the biz the next 6 or 7 moves are not to bad and tops out around 25 ft. carnivore directV9 i put on the list today it just really big moves in a roof on OK holds. And last is Lolita V11 the holds feel ok but i have fucking bad foot beta it might not go... 
last falls pic.   Beast from the east

Me and Lolita having a spat.

two moves in on Dian's bulge

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In one of the best places anywhere!

The man, The myth, The proj

Davin with another FA to add to the list of thousands

Tank tops the only shirts that fit over shoulders that big!

Oh sweet jesus i've seen the light.

some peoples lives will never be the same

first day, sunny, good people, Fuck a flapper

Thank you for the video Jason "The mother fucking man" Anderson.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Newcastle sandstone

 Last week I made a promise to check out a huge boulder perched up on a hill side, so Saturday morning I did. After about twenty minutes of driving I was under the boulder, still on the road its looking like its on private land and if its not, there will be a couple hundred yards of private to cross with the house right there. The detour was not a complete waste as I drove back to the highway I looked up a gully and saw this.
on the left side of the wall was the only good rock,the rest is really fucking soft
the next 4 pictures look like they have been traced with chalk. I thought they looked cool ,call me a bitch

I translated this, its a story of how 4 men were having coffee  and A FIGHT RANG OUT it was two against two. one group had tridents (or pitch forks if you have no imagination) the others had none. one got his head stabbed off  the other guy got stabbed in the genitals but did not spill his coffee. THE END

Thursday, February 24, 2011


A year ago or so they (walmart) switched the best cleaning brush for a crappier version, so crappy that if you clean one problem the bristles get so F-up you will just toss it. but these ones are sweet and only get better with age, they used to be blue and white but these are the new kind. This will mean dick to people who think F.A.s are hard to come by, but I think this is useful to the few who know. The only way to find them now is to order. When you call they will tell you to go to certain stores first and you should because shipping is pretty steep.